09 July, 2009



Organized by: Dept. of Psychology, Christ University, Bangalore-29

In association with: CUSP-CSCS, Bangalore

Total Hours: 45

Classes on: 2/3 Sundays (full day) of a month (July to Sept- 2009)

Coordinator: Diptarup Chowdhury

Commencement: July 12 (Sunday, 10 am)

Tentative dates: July- 12, 26; Aug- 2, 9; Sept- 6, 13, 20.

Venue: Christ University Campus

Co-instructors: Anup Dhar, Asha Achuthan, Radhika P, Diptarup Chowdhury

Course Overview:

This course will take a critical stock of three of Michel Foucault’s (French philosopher, trained as a clinical psychologist) books – i) History of Madness, ii) Birth of the Clinic, and iii) Abnormal. It would like to see what some of the Foucault’s work do to the discipline of Psychology. Does it introduce new questions in the field of Psychology and inaugurate new ways of attending to mental suffering and mental health? It would also see how unreason was reconstituted as ‘madness’ and ‘threat’ and had, in the process, become the object of control and surveillance. This is of course not to say foucauldian insight as uncontestable truth, but to engage with them critically, even revise them if necessary. This course is not just for Psychology student. It is a course that would be interdisciplinary in nature and would help non-Psychology students by giving them a glimpse of questions in Philosophy- questions pertaining to the dialectic of reason and unreason, control and cure, care and healing, rights and ethics, structure and subjectivity, discourse and phenomenology.

For Admission to the course please contact the Office of Admissions, Main Blk, Christ University.

Course Fees: Rs. 1000 (for Christ Univ students), Rs. 2000 (for general public)

For further information about the course please contact:





Dept. of Psychology at 40129343

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